A header image of a Jiggy Puzzles box arranged with its interior components. Alexa Forney designed the Jiggy Puzzles packaging in 2020.

Client: Kaylin Marcotte (Founder, Jiggy Puzzles)

Brief: Design an elevated, plastic-free puzzle packaging experience worthy of being on display.

Production: 2020 – present

Kaylin Marcotte reached out to Sonderwelt early in her company’s history for help designing and manufacturing the flagship package for her puzzle concept. I pitched several ideas in the conceptual design phase, but the best one by far was a vertical package inspired by the white plinths in museums. Each element of the final kit considers the end-of-life of the components, with recyclable and single-material items used wherever possible. (Ultimately we had to compromise with a single plastic cap on the glue tube, and the unavoidable retail shrink wrap on the box exterior.)

An image of Alexa Forney's design arranged in front of a white background.

Users open the box like a cloche, revealing a glass jar full of puzzle pieces, a tube of puzzle glue, and a luxe brass spreader with a link to video instructions etched into it. With a company slogan of “Puzzles worth framing,” it was critical that we build the possibility of preserving the completed puzzle into each gift box.

An early rendering of the Jiggy x Anthropologie packaging, featuring the colorful patches Alexa Forney designed that would characterize the exclusive line.

Soon after launch, Jiggy Puzzles were sold out everywhere! In 2020, I designed graphics for an extension of concept package exclusively for sale at Anthropologie. My original design has been praised by the likes of Oprah Winfrey in O Magazine and continues to sell on the Jiggy Puzzles website.

A screenshot from Shark Tank 1224 with Alexa Forney's packaging for Jiggy Puzzles in the center, surrounded by framed puzzles.

The Jiggy project continues to hold the title of my first design to make it on national television. In Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 22, Kaylin secured $500,000 in funding from Mark Cuban for her aesthetic and innovative approach to puzzling. The investor panel commented that the packaging was “beautiful”. Thanks Sharks!

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