Villa Tiquicia: Branding a Luxury AirBnB

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Logo Update, Logo Variants, Brand Colors, Iconography

When I first opened Sonderwelt, Villa Tiquicia approached me for a logo ahead of the launch of their mountaintop villa in Costa Rica. In just a few short seasons, they’ve become one of the hottest rentals in Quepos, and their needs have grown significantly. I was delighted to have the opportunity to refresh the brand to reflect the villa’s evolution.

Before and After Logo Update

The original logo was a celebration of the colors of the jungle surrounding the villa, but as the brand tilted towards luxury, it no longer fit the vibe. While keeping some of the characteristic elements, like the macaw and palms, I abstracted the sun to a simple circle and reduced the logo to one color for better print outcomes and a luxurious feel (win-win!).

Examples of the New Logo in Use

The circular logo suited the brand’s web-heavy presence at launch, but now that Villa Tiquicia is branching into more physical goods, they needed some variations. To better cover the brand’s bases, I developed a rectangular lockup and a simple wordmark, and pulled the parrot out to be its own graphic icon as needed.

Examples of the Rectangular Lockup and Wordmark in Use

With new colors, logos, and brand elements in hand, Villa Tiquicia is poised for the next step in their brand’s development.

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